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The Wicked Clean name has grown in popularity and credibility rapidly in recent years, with thousands of homeowners in Massachusetts discovering the joys of getting their home’s exterior cleaned quickly, effectively, and in affordable fashion.

Whatever your requirements, our friendly technicians offer a quick response and a no-obligation quote for the required work. If you go ahead with the project, we guarantee a fast and comprehensive service with great communication every step of the way.

Wicked Clean boasts fully qualified technicians, industrial-grade materials, and the equipment needed to produce the best results repeatedly. Don’t take our word for it, though. We take great pride in the reviews gained from our happy clients and would love nothing more than the chance to restore your happiness at home too.

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The windows are among the most important aspects of the entire home. They provide light, heat, insulation, and security. Their quality can be compromised if you fail to keep them clean. Not only are windows often difficult to access from the outside, but they also require special cleaning materials too. This is a job best left to the pros. Our experts guarantee a “Wicked” clean repeatedly, saving you the hassle of replicating that professionally clean appearance.

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No two properties are identical, so your home deserves a personalized service built around your specific needs. We understand the importance of getting your home back to its best and offer an array of services to make your home feel better than ever. We recognize the unique challenges that living in Massachusetts can bring. Whether cleaning away the dirt or preparing your home for painting, our house washing services are guaranteed to restore your home’s appeal.

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Keeping your roof clean is an essential, often-overlooked aspect of home maintenance. Without regular roof treatments, your roof may be stained by algae, mold, and moss growth, potentially putting the structural integrity at risk.

Wicked Clean’s approach to removing organic growth is to use top-of-the-line equipment that will safely and softly treat the afflicted areas of the roof with an algaecide detergent.

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Keeping your gutters maintained and working properly is very important to the overall “health” of your house. Failure to do so can cause rot, foundation erosion, and water damage.

Our gutter cleaning service includes clearing all gutter-clogging debris and ensuring the downspouts are working properly. We offer a “no mess” service where all debris removed from your gutters will be bagged and removed from the property for you.

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Deck & Patio

Maintain the look of your deck and patio areas with Wicked Clean. Let us wash away the dirt, grime, and algae so you, your family, and your guests can enjoy gathering and relaxing together.

In addition to concrete, Wicked Clean washes various decking materials, including pressure-treated wood, Azek, Trex, mahogany, and even painted surfaces.

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Chelsea Savery

Power Washing In Wellesley

I have used Wicked Clean twice now and each time I have been beyond happy with the quality and customer service! They make it very convenient to communicate and pay. Highly recommend power washing!
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Tom OBrien

Power Washing Wellesley

Great job done, and scheduling was a breeze. On Hilton Head Island, there’s a lot of businesses that don’t call back and some that, when they do, they are booked for months and months. Wicked Clean contacted me right away, scheduled only days out, came out on time, full crew, got the power washing job done! Highly recommended!
Power Washing Service Wellesley MA 35

Matt Killam

Power Washing Wellesley MA

Wicked Clean did a great power washing job with a really tough deck and house that haven’t been cleaned in several years. Really happy with the service quality and customer service / response time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The quickest way to get a quote is to call us at 1-800-216-2151. If we have enough information (either provided by you or verified through online sites) we can have a quote for you in a matter of minutes.

We also have a free online bidding tool where you can get a quote any time of day!

Light and moderate rain do not hinder most of our services. In fact, some rain on the forecast makes the washing process even more effective! If the rain becomes an issue, we will contact you on the day of service to rescheduled.

Yes, we require commercial liability insurance and our employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation insurance.

We do not use high pressure on house siding or shingles (including roof areas) because it can damage them. Instead, we provide what is known as a “soft wash” which is a low-pressure cleaning that relies on our custom blend of detergents to do the work. We do use appropriately adjusted higher pressure to clean porous surfaces like concrete, brick, and stone.

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