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Wicked Clean is a service for your home that is unlike any other due to the unique customer service and communication we do to get the job done. We specialize in low-pressure house washing, professional roof treatments, solar panel cleaning, sparkling clean windows, and gutter cleaning (aluminum gutters only). Our non-damaging techniques go with the effective Eco-friendly products that we use for all your cleaning needs equals a satisfyingly clean beautiful home that will have a long-lasting result. We do the dirty work while you sit back and relax and enjoy the cleanliness and the professionalism of our company taking care of your house or business needs. Whatever your requirements might be, our friendly technicians offer a quick response and a no-obligation quote for the required work give us a call today! The last thing you need on the back of your mind is cleaning the outside of your home. Wicked clean gets that wicked job done for you.

Window Cleaning

We offer many window cleaning services for residential customers. You can choose one of the following, or combine them all together for the complete cleaning solution!

Exterior Window Cleaning

Sill Vacuuming and or Washing (As Required)

Washing or Brushing of Screen Glass Restoration & Screen Oxidation

Hard water and Stain Removal

Paint Scraping and Silicone Removal

Window Framing Restoration

Your house is unique just like you! Which is why your home deserves a personalized service built around your specific needs and requirements. We understand how important it is to get your home back to its best, and we offer an array of house cleaning services to make your home feel cleaner than ever.

Soft Washing

Power Washing

Exterior cleaning

Additional Services

Window Cleaning

House Washing

Dirt and grime is blasted away to create a perfectly-clean finish. Power washing is particularly appreciated in the garden, on walkways, and exterior features of a house. We prefer to use soft washing techniques as they are less likely to cause damage, but we can use power washers if you prefer.

Power Washing

We clean removes gutter-clogging debris and ensures the function of your gutter downspouts.

Maintain properly working, clean gutters all year round.

Prevent rot, foundation erosion, and potential water damage.

Gutter Cleaning

About Wicked Clean

Wicked Clean Inc is a home service based business specializing in low-pressure house & roof washing, professional window cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

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Window Cleaning, House Washing and Gutter Cleaning in Savannah, Bluffton, & Hilton Head Island

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